Michael Derksen  - 2016

Universal Talent , what can I say about Universal Talent. It's taken me a few weeks to come up with a formidable answer to that question. When I first signed on to be represented I was quite the skeptic. My first email was very simple and stated is this a real opportunity as a skeptic, and with that my journey began with this great agency. Since I began working closely with Vivian and understanding the passion it takes to become what everyone wants to be, I have been nothing but impressed and grown myself as an actor. In practicing and engaging in the understanding of Meisner and different acting techniques of expression and working with other talent of every level in a relaxing friendly environment has been phenomenal in my personal and professional growth. With the great representation of the universal talent connection and the amazing classes and seminars arranged for our benefit, I can feel confident in going into the next audition because of the training the constant learning and my agencies support. As it should be stated I would recommend anyone who has the passion and drive to better themselves as a professional actor or actress and get that next role to contact Vivian at the Universal Talent . With every class taken and every lesson learned I feel more and more confident for my next opportunity, now if I would only get rid of the urge to have to pee when I get excited for such occasions lol but that I'm sure is in an upcoming acting class lol!
Make the right choice, choose your passion and have some fun too. This is Michael Derksen and thanks for reading!
It's worth it take the leap!  Great Calgary Acting Classes and Calgary talent agency!!!

Suzanne Haun, Lawyer
January 13, 2018
I met Vivian through our workplace. Her office was extremely busy "auditioning" actors for the latest project. I mentioned that I was interested in the filming process and within a couple weeks Vivian had secured extras roles for myself and a friend on the filming of Heartland. Vivian provided instruction as to set etiquette and we showed up on the date of the filming. I assumed as an extra we would be one of many in a crowd scene. When we arrived on set we were immediately sent to meet with wardrobe, hair and makeup. We were assigned specific non-speaking roles in the primary scenes.

Participating in the filming process over the whole day was a once in a lifetime experience. It was clear that Universal Talent had a great reputation and relationship with those on the Heartland set including the Casting Director.

Vivian is extremely professional, charismatic and a lot of fun. She knows her business inside and out and is extremely busy on a daily basis meeting and auditioning talent during the day and teaching acting classes in the evenings. At times, a project will come in which requires that Vivian line up numerous actors on short notice. The office is filled with talent and Vivian is running trying to keep up. She clearly develops a close working relationship with her actors and they seem to have absolute faith in her ability to repeatedly get them quality parts and further their careers.

Vivian also has a huge heart and spends hours every week volunteering and collecting food donations for Alpha House, and other agencies focused on helping the homeless.


"I have been with Universal Talent for two months. During this time my skills have increased dramatically as a result of the intense & thoroughly enjoyable training in acting classes. I have also had access to vocal training through a professional vocal coach & a professional photographer for head shots, all of this has been at no additional fee. Universal Talent  has also ensured that my resume & profile is sent out to all & any acting jobs for which I am well suited... After my second week I was called out for auditions. I would recommend Universal not only for those new to the industry but also those who have been involved for some time & simply need an agency that is committed to their success."-Kevin O'Leary
"Working alongside of Vivian it has been a so far incredible experience! They have challenged me and pushed me to reach higher and higher goals. They are very welcoming and are very interested in the success of you."- Tahnee Harder
"I have been with the talent agents at Universal Talent  for 4 and a half years. The agents have shown me the utmost professionalism in every manner of their business practice. I have taken many classes taught by their instructors and have grown immensely as an actress. The classes are consistent and are extremely detailed!!! Best acting classes I have ever taken, and I have been to many classes over the years. I have had many jobs through this company, as a performer over the past 4 years and look forward to another 25 years with this company. I would highly recommend working with this team of industry professionals as they have the connections to help you in achieving success in the entertainment industry. You will never regret taking these classes and signing with this agency!!!! The agents also give out their cell numbers to ensure they are always there for you, to me this is above and beyond customer service!"- Jan A.
"I have been fortunate to work with Universal as a voice over artist for just over a year and a half.  When I first began I had absolutely no experience.  I had simply been referred by a friend, as I have always been told I have a great voice.  I went in for an audition and immediately was welcomed on as a new voice over artist in training.  The talent agents took the time to explain how the industry works and assisted me in creating a demo tape.  Prior to taping my clip, Vivian set me up with a voice coach who immensely helped me achieve progress.  I also attend classes with the agency which I cannot say enough positive comments about!  Vivian is truly an inspirational teacher with a passion for the industry and the talent.  I have been fortunate to have had 3 voice over jobs with them.  Thank you Universal Talent!"- Brian S
"I started at this talent agency a couple years ago. They recommended taking acting classes in Calgary even though I thought they wouldn't do me any good. But ever since I started I've never looked back its helped me succeed in my goals and I've never been let down by the ownership that they put in to what they do, I look forward to many more years with this agency and to walking the red carpet one day." - Carter Fras


Testimonials: acting classes


"I've seen a few agents in my short time being an actor, many seemed to be disconnected from reality and lots didn't even take to time to interview with the proper questions.  It's sad to see these kinds of ppl feeding off of others dreams, with Universal Talent, and my new friend Viv, my agent, she not only listened to what I wanted but groomed me for success through the Meisner technique.  She's taken the time with her students, which is quite rare to find a person that not only believes in u, but helps u achieve through practice, which builds confidence.  I've worked with her and her son and I feel like I'm part of a family more then with an agency... I have had many successful auditions due to their hard work....... Ps if any of u should like to be apart of something amazing an different, be a part of  this agency/family!" - Tanner Alexander

"This talent and marketing agency is the best. Vivian has been on top of all my business needs and has always given the best one on one service when needed, even it is been 12 am - bar none the best agency to work with. Vivian takes the time to understand needs and requirements; and then delivers. Will always use them again and will recommend anytime." - Amitov Aptekar

"If you are looking for talent or are the talent this is the place to go! This place is loaded with super talented and fun people to work with and have had an excellent experience thus far, with the actual work behind a camera and the work that is done in the class. It doesn't seem to matter where you are in your abilities, the classes are focused on growing everyone and allowing the more experienced to be evolved with those who have little to no experience therefore the growth is rapid and the preparation for the real work is also a vital aspect that is present in the detailed instruction and teaching. An easy transition into the industry for myself and some intense learning from the classes. This isn't the type of agency that signs you and you never hear back from, no they are great for getting all your questions answered. Great experience with my Agent thus far! I'm in this company for 110% and am excited to continue working along side with them in my future."- Kyle Gries

"I have been with universal for 6 months now with no experience and my skills have flourished dramatically to which I have the confidence to take on any audition thrown my way!" - Jon Field

"When I was first brought upon Universal Talent  I didn't know what to expect nor did I have the full understanding of the industry. After introductions and explaining who I was with such a busy schedule I had been given options instead of being rushed out of the door, I was welcomed and with the short amount of time there have already been promising results. Vivian Woods is honest and thorough, if you're direct with her about your schedule and experiences she will do what she can with as much as you allow her to. It's a professional bond, work with them as much as you want them to work with you. She also happens to coach classes with exercises that help you feel more natural and prep for auditions, which is important if you want to jump start your career as a performer. I highly recommend Universal Talent and Vivian Woods if you're a first timer or even if you have experience in the field."  - Josh Lenner

"Once I signed up at Universal Talent i was not sure on what was going to happen. Believe me when i say, it is a fantastic experience and would recommend it to anyone. They work around your times as best as they can and really work hard for you. I have now been on set a few times and have not stopped talking about it since. Back next week and cant wait. If you are thinking about joining Universal Talent do not hesitate you will be very happy. Thank you."  - Sheldon Marriott

"Universal are very understanding and respectful to people that are new to the acting world. I love how they welcomed me and my kids to take all the avenues in order to explore our natural talents and place realistic goals. I felt that warm connection at my first meeting with Vivian Woods and highly recommend their agency to everyone." - Grace Heavy Runner

"As a retired elder man new to the film industry, Vivian Woods has made it a seem less transition. They have enrolled me classes, garnered me employment, and have guided me on this new adventure. I look forward to working more and growing with Universal Talent  agency." - Donald Evanson

"Not only is Vivian my agent she is also my acting coach and teacher. The class she offers is a learning experience like no other. You have the opportunity to come out of your shell in a safe and comfortable environment. I work in radio so I communicate for a living and I have to say I've been learning more about my craft and myself with this wonderful group of people. I am truly glad to have signed with Vivian and Universal Talent Connection." - Josie Fauteux

"I really appreciate the kindness and transparency of this agency especially as a new comer here in Canada. Vivian explained everything to us, She gave us some inputs and always giving us updates on the presentations that she made to my daughter. Thank you so much Universal Talent and I'm excited to work with you soon! More success!!!" - Beth Ventura

"Ever since I signed up with this agency I have only been more motivated to pursue my dreams. I have learned a lot In a short amount of time. You get your money's worth and get opportunities that you won't find anywhere else. Vivian is an amazing coach and person and you can really learn useful information to better your talents. You won't regret joining this agency. You meet wonderful people, learn and of course have fun!!"- Jan Kamar

"I absolutely LOVE acting class with Vivian Woods, she is an amazing teacher and a great Agent, she conducts her business with the utmost professionalism, I HIGHLY recommend this Agency to anyone in the industry or new to the industry! she has years of experience and it very much helps when you are new to this industry like me! I am proud to be apart of an Agency that has such an awesome strong Woman who is great at what she does and Stands behind her clients 100%! I am Beyond happy I took the time to find the right Place and person to represent me as Talent! Thank you Universal Talent." -Elianna Rojas, Spiritual Healer

"Meeting Vivian Woods is truly a Blessing.
After seeing the ad on my facebook page, I contacted VIVIAN WOODS.
We totally connected! Sharing our thoughts about this Wonderful Film Industry. Knowing, how each one of us, must not only have a right hearts attitude, for this Industry. We also need to have the love, understanding, passion, respect, patience, trust, education, the ability to listen and to deliver, working long hours, commitment, dedication and just being Professional with every circumstance.
Working together as a Team, is vital.
In my observing Vivian Woods I found her to be somewhat like that of a Mother Figure to this Industry. She not only cares about who she welcomes into her Agency. Vivian also invests her time and energies into teaching and sharing her wealth of knowledge to her students. She knows how to read people like no other person. Vivian has a very intuitive capability of just knowing who you are. She is also very encouraging and very driven. Vivian knows how to achieve results.
VIVIAN WALKS and TALKS, “UNIVERSAL TALENT”, and yet somehow she remains very Real and Humble. I love her warm and friendly smile and of course her joyous laughter. Time just flies by in her classes. I seriously can't remember when I have laughed this hard throughout the whole 3 hour class, where my cheeks were literally sore, while wiping away the tears of laughter. Talk about Amazing Laughter Therapy! There is a whole lot more to Vivian's Classes than just acting classes. You really need to experience them! It’s like a really great movie, you just don’t want to see it end!
Vivian can assure you, she will bring the Universe together by making the right Connections happen! Cheers to achieving our SUCCESS!
WELCOME to VIVIAN’S WORLD!" - Paulette Pieczko

"Our daughter, Mya, has been represented by Vivian for 2 years. Mya just wrapped a Shaw commercial which was a blast for her with a great pay check. I really want to express my gratitude for the hard work the team at Universal continuously puts in to harness opportunities for Mya. They respect their clients and are transparent, two qualities which are a must for me.
We look forward to working with Vivian on more opportunities for Mya. Thank you!" Shannon Harrington

After deciding to jump into the world of acting and modeling, I researched the talent agencies that were available in my city. After I completed my research, I decided to send Universal Talent  an email and see if they'd be willing to meet and see if we'd be a good match for each other. From that first mail to today, they've always been extremely good at taking/answering my emails and calls. I'm extremely pleased to have joined Universal Talent Connection and to be represented by Vivian Woods. She's been guiding me and answering the many questions that I had/have about the industry. Vivian is honest and upfront; qualities that I truly cherish! Vivian is also my acting coach and she runs amazing classes! I'm learning a lot and having fun while doing it! I have no hesitations recommending Universal Talent to anyone seeking a talent agency that is honest and has integrity and can get you work! - Chuck Bertrand, Pilot performing arts Calgary